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Professional System


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Professional System          $50- per month

Provides 10 gb of disk space, includes 20 gb of internet bandwidth*
and handles up to 7,200 page views per hour (2 pages per second)


his is a professional-level upgrade that includes everything in the Business System, and adds integrated applications for E-Commerce Retailing and Professional Document Management that empowers businesspeople to apply powerful tools for Sales Processing, Inventory Control, and Promotional Campaigns Management, using the following software (click any logo to view a screencap):


CS-Cart E-Commerce

Powerful Internet Retailing Made Easy


he CS-Cart E-Commerce System offers more catalog tools, shopping features, promotional systems, and custom design capability, than nearly any other E-Commerce system.  The CS-Cart System is pre-configured to include everything you need to present an impressive, feature-rich “Web-2.0” E-Commerce website right away, complete with pop-out menus, stylish catalog pages, compelling product displays, a feature-rich shopping cart, and an easy checkout system.  This industry-leading E-Commerce platform incorporates a highly intuitive control panel that simplifies many of the advanced features that can be quite confusing in other systems. A simple “point-and-click” product editing system allows people to design complex Product Displays without using any computer code or complicated scripting, plus advanced management tools for Inventory Control and Affiliate Marketing that also use a “point-and-click” user interface.  CS-Cart is also fully compatible with our KISS Payment Processing Solution, which adds advanced security features like PCI-DSS Compliance and Fraud Protection.  Best of all, the CS-Cart System is configured to become an extension of the Easy WordPress System, so you can place the world’s most powerful Internet Marketing System as the front-end to the world’s most comprehensive E-commerce System.  Throw in some easy to follow user instructions, and you’ve got Powerful Internet Retailing Made Easy.

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MediaWiki System

Your Own Wiki System for Organizing Information


he MediaWiki System is the very same software application that powers well known wiki websites such as,,, and This powerful information management system is a perfect compliment to the CS-Cart E-Commerce system, as it can help any business or organization that needs to provide a lot of information to its customers, such as a product use manual, a help system, a photo catalog, an, or any other organized set of information that you want to be easily searchable.  With this system you can keep your E-Commerce catalog pages simple and clean, and just provide links to your Wiki that provide as much information as you can gather.  Because it’s easily searchable, both your customers and potential customers can easily find detailed information and instructions that support their purchase, and assist them in getting the most from your products.  Managers can also use the MediaWiki system to create company policy manuals, training manuals, and other company information in an encyclopedia format.  In addition, the Webstantial installation of the MediaWiki System provides over a dozen additional features and tools that simplify how people use the system, make the system more search-engine friendly, and add advanced features for access control over which pages are public and which are private, which groups can view certain pages, and who can edit specific pages. Throw in some easy to follow user instructions, and you’ve got Your Own Wiki System for Organizing Information.

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Crafty Syntax Live Help

Adds a “Live Help” Chat System to Your Websites


rafty Syntax Live Help is a text-based chat system that invites visitors to your website to engage in an “Live Help” interaction with a customer representative.  This application supports unlimited operators, departments, and users, allowing reps to talk to multiple users at the same time using a unique tab system.  This system incorporates a variety of pre-formatted messages and customizable chat icons, and even includes a Typing Preview so Reps can see what customers are typing while it’s being typed!   Administrators can  monitor both visitor sessions and chat sessions at the same time, review Chat Transcripts that can be searched by referrer, keyword or  search phrase, and customize the look of the chat window that the client sees, complete with your company logo, colors, and slogan.  As with all the Applications provided by Webstantial Systems, CraftySyntax Live Help is pre-configured to include everything you need to invite people to participate in your “Live Help” system right away, complete with tools to add this system to your Easy WordPress Website, CS-Cart E-Commerce System, or any other online application. Throw in some easy to follow user instructions, and you’ve got an easy way to Add a “Live Help” Chat System to Your Websites.

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