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Promotional System          $10- per month

Provides 2 gb of disk space, includes 4 gb of internet bandwidth*
and handles up to 1,200 page views per hour (1 page every 3 seconds)


his is the base level starting point for all Webstantial Systems clients, which includes unique applications for Website Management and Social Networking that empower both people and businesses to present an impressive image on the Web, using the following software (click any logo to view a screencap):


Easy WordPress Website

Powerful Internet Marketing Made Easy


he world-famous WordPress Website System offers more tools, features, widgets, plugins, and themes than any other Content Management system. However, getting up and running on the WordPress platform has always been a bit of a challenge—until now! The Easy WordPress System is pre-configured to include everything you need to present an impressive, feature-rich “Web-2.0” website right away, complete with pop-out menus, animated photo galleries, custom fonts, blogs, contact forms, and more. This is a customized version of WordPress that provides customized tools that simplify how people use the system, including advanced “point-and-click” web page editing tools that allow people to design complex web pages without using any computer code or complicated scripting. If you know how to use a word processor, you have all the technical skills you’ll need to add and change the web pages in your Easy WordPress Website. Even advanced features like Menu Layouts, Table Grids, Headline Styling, Search Engine Optimization, and Photo Gallery design, are all as easy a “point-and-click.” Throw in the most flexible website design template available for WordPress, along with easy to follow instructions, and you’ve got Powerful Internet Marketing Made Easy.

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Private Social Networking

The Future of Social Networking


rivate Social offers more privacy, and is connected to more people, than any other social networking system. Built on the Friendica open source project, Private Social offers a convenient aggregation system that allows you organize groups of people from all of the major social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Groups, and others, and interact with them all at once, using one single login to your Private Social system. Best of all, this is a decentralized system that stores all your social networking information in your private Webstantial Systems hosting account, and keeps your interactions with other Private Social users totally private, using a data encrypted, peer-to-peer connection that only shares data between the users you have selected. This keeps your “Private Social to Private Social” communications out of the reach of intrusive corporations and government agencies, and allows you to retain all legal ownership of the information you store on your system (not so with the centralized social networking services). With more privacy, more convenience, and more features than any other social networking service, and without any distracting advertising banners, Private Social is The Future of Social Networking.

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RoundCube WebMail

Access Self-Branded E-mail Anywhere, Anytime


oundcube WebMail is a very popular, browser-based E-mail client with an application-like user interface. It provides the full functionality you expect from any E-mail client, including MIME support, address book, folder manipulation, message searching and spell checking.  As with all the Applications provided by Webstantial Systems, Roundcube WebMail is pre-configured to include everything you need to send and receive your E-mail right away, and we’ve added additional tools to simplify E-mail Encryption, Vcard Attachments, comprehensive E-mail searching, and other convenient enhancements. Throw in some easy to follow user instructions, and you’ve got an easy way to Access Your Branded E-mail Anywhere, Anytime.

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cPanel Hosting Platform

Point-And-Click Hosting Platform Management


Panel is the industry leader for fully automated point-and-click hosting platform management. This system makes it easy to add email accounts, establish Email rules (forwarding, auto-responding, etc.), add domain names and associated security certificates, and grant technicians access to advanced systems administration tools (database management, FTP accounts, backup routines, etc.).  As with all the Apps provided by Webstantial Systems, cpanel is pre-configured to include everything you need to start managing your hosting platform right away, and we’ve added additional tools to vastly enhance server performance and automate important tasks.  Throw in some easy to follow instructions, and you’ve got easy access to Point-And-Click Hosting Platform Management.

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